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10 Reasons Title Agents should be Blogging to Attract Realtors

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Blogging has been around for over a decade, but it remains one of the best examples of inbound marketing in 2017. Why?

  1. It can improve your website’s search engine ranking
  2. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.
  3. It attracts the attention of qualified prospects.
    Title agents with lots of connections with realtors will naturally boost their bottom line. Sound good? Here’s why you should be blogging to attract realtors.

Why All Title Agents Should be Blogging to Attract Realtors

  1. Blogging Boosts Lead Generation
    Studies have shown that regular blog postings can increase lead generation by up to 67 percent.
  2. Inbound Marketing is More Cost-Effective
    You could spend an exorbitant amount of money on PPC ads and traditional print media, but the reality is that the realtors you’re trying to connect with are online. Inbound marketing saves companies an average of 60 percent over other methods, which makes blogging to attract realtors a no-brainer.
  3. Positions You as an Industry Expert
    Realtors want to know that they’re working with a knowledgeable title agent. Sharing topics of interest via blog posts will help make it clear that you’re an expert in your field.
  4. Improves Your SEO
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital piece of driving traffic to your website. Blogs ensure that your site is indexed more frequently by Google. As a result, your SEO efforts will improve your overall search engine ranking.
  5. Provides Legitimacy
    Realtors care about the reputation and legitimacy of the title agents they work with. They want title agents to make them look better for their customers – to be a value-adder. Studies have indicated that having a well-designed website and a well-written blog makes businesses look more legitimate.
  6. Clarifies Your Voice
    Whether you’re writing for an entire company or just yourself, it’s vital to have a consistent voice as part of your branding efforts. A blog makes it easy to clarify your voice and overall message so realtors know exactly what they’re getting. We often compare websites to salespeople here at The Rebel Unicorn. A blog is a great way to give your website a voice that’s different from other title agencies.
  7. Learn More about Your Audience
    Blog analytics offer a wealth of information about realtors and other visitors. This will help you refine your marketing to make it more effective and affordable.
  8. Focuses Your Attention on Your Business
    Everyone loses focus occasionally, but blogging will help you reconnect with your business. Posting about timely topics is also a win-win because you can constantly update your knowledge and provide useful information to realtors.
  9. Opens Up a New Conversation Avenue
    Encourage your readers to leave comments. Always take the time to respond, and offer another contact method if they have additional questions or comments.
  10. Makes Social Sharing Easy
    Another fantastic reason to blog is that each post can easily be shared by readers via social media. In other words, if a realtor is impressed with your posts, they might end up connecting you with several more realtors through sharing something you’ve written.

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