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5 Ways Title Agencies can Develop an Unforgettable & Unique Selling Proposition

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Is your title agency having a difficult time connecting with a wider audience?Everyone involved in a real estate transaction needs a title agency, but it can be difficult to stand apart from local competitors. Fortunately, you are different from other title agencies, and you can stand out. Below are some proven tips that will help you develop a unique and unforgettable selling proposition so you can boost your bottom line.

How to Develop a Unique and Unforgettable Selling Proposition

  1. Identify Your Ideal Customer
    One of the major roadblocks that can stand in the way of success is attempting to connect with too many people at once. Yes, you definitely want to help as many people as possible, but have you identified your ideal customer yet? Once you do, you can begin targeting your advertising efforts toward people who are likely to need your services in the near future.
  2. Take Advantage of Remarketing
    Remarketing, also known as retargeting, uses cookies to show ads to consumers who have already indicated an interest in your company. In other words, someone who has visited your website will begin seeing advertisements that are intended to help them make the decision to choose your title agency. This is surprisingly effective, but it’s still underutilized by the industry.
  3. Build a Personal Presence
    Many companies are associated strongly with a specific person or personality. Whether this persona is real or was created by an advertising agency, it can provide you with a viable way to attract attention. For example, Bill Gates and Microsoft will always be as interconnected in the minds of consumers as Brawny paper towels and their lumberjack mascot. Allowing a real or composite personality to shine through in your marketing may be exactly the boost your company needs, but be careful to steer clear of anything or anyone who could be controversial.
  4. Explain How Your Title Agency is Different
    People need to hear more than buzzwords or a list of credentials and awards. Instead, make it clear how your title agency is different and why this is a good thing. This consumer educational opportunity helps you leverage the power of your accomplishments.
  5. Fully Utilize the Internet
    Is your company active on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and YouTube? Are you listed on every applicable local directory? If not, it’s time to change your online approach. Make your title agency easily accessible, and be sure to respond to questions and complaints. Additionally, it’s critical to have a mobile friendly website. You should also allow your company’s personality to shine through on all of these platforms.

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