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Mobile App Technology Offers Title Industry New Channel for Integration & Customer Interaction

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American banks have been criticized recently for failing behind when it comes to keeping pace with technology, but is the title industry doing any better? Keeping up with technology is important for a variety of reasons that range from keeping your data secure to staying ahead of the competition. And regardless of the size of your business, keeping up today means taking advantage of mobile app technology.

The Evolution of Technology in the Title Industry

Title companies were traditionally brick and mortar business where homebuyers went in person to close their loans, but there is a reduced need for a physical address today as title companies find innovative ways to use technology. Initially the Internet and email made it easier to transfer title documents from anywhere. Then the advent of dynamic workflow software like Resware, Remquest and Qualia, streamlined title company processes and allowed for more project-based management. Web portals are now being integrated with the best software applications to allow users to take care of multiple tasks in one place. Resware now offers eRecording Partners’ services within its software, allowing users to order deed recordings without leaving its platform, for example. And Qualia also recently integrated NotaryGO software so that title professionals can order notaries within the Qualia application.

Mobile App Technology Is the New Wave

Mobile apps mark the new wave in the technological evolution of the title industry. Apps not only accommodate smartphone users on the go but can add value by offering unique or tailored services not applicable to other channels. With mobile apps, title companies can also promote customer interactions, communicate with clients in real time, get instant customer feedback, and do so much more.

The Rebel Unicorn

The Rebel Unicorn specializes in mobile app development with unique insider knowledge of the title industry. If you have an idea for a mobile app, The Rebel Unicorn can help take your idea from concept to launch. We’ll deliver a mobile app with a beautiful interface and exceptional user experience. We’ll even help you market the app to your end users. To learn more, call us today at (917)-398-3889 or visit our homepage.