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Title Insurance Marketing Should Target Diverse Clientele

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Title insurance marketing can be especially challenging due to the diverse clientele that title insurance agencies serve. While much of your business comes from real estate agents and brokers, attorneys, lenders, homebuyers also have the right to select the title insurance companies used for their transactions. In order to be successful, your marketing content should address the specific pain points of each type of client.

Use Multiple Digital Marketing Channels

Your title insurance marketing efforts should include multiple channels for communicating with your diverse audience. For example, you should have a responsive website optimized using SEO so that potential new clients can easily find you. Use social media to promote brand awareness and to drive new traffic to your website. Develop a mobile app that makes it easier for your customers to use your services. There are so many modern tools available that it’s also worth a reminder that some traditional channels for generating leads and connecting with clients also still work. These range from exhibiting at trade shows to publishing articles in industry magazines.

Create Content to Target Each Audience

When creating the content for your various channels – it’s important to develop specific content that addresses each type of client that you serve. For example, if you have a blog on your website, try publishing articles about decorating and DIY projects for new homeowners, along with news about housing market trends for real estate agents and brokers. It’s helpful to list out each type of client and create a persona or profile for each, then list out their various pain points, and any remedies you have to address these. For example, one pain point a lender may have is time constraints – he or she may often need title service on short notice—if you offer a fast turnaround time, then you have the solution that addresses this pain point. And you need to highlight this in your messaging when addressing the lender audience.

Be Mindful of Restrictions in Title Insurance Marketing

Since the consumer is the real customer, the Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act (RESPA) protects their right to select the title insurer for their real estate transaction. Therefore, title insurers are prohibited from providing incentives and kickbacks to influencers of real estate transactions; influencers include real estate agents and brokers. Each state typically has specific regulations about what you can offer real estate professionals so it’s wise to research and stay up to date on RESPA and state restrictions.

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